Release v1.0.3

Aug 26, 2010 at 8:17 AM
Edited Aug 26, 2010 at 9:32 AM

Proposed features for this release

SQL based Health Check

SQL scalar HealthCheck component. Based on how the LogParser component works you will be able to supply part of a SQL query starting at the "FROM" keyword.  This is appended to "SELECT COUNT(*)" to form a scalar query that will be used to determine the check result; > 0 rows = failure, 0 rows = success (this can be reverse in the config). You will also have to supply a querystring.

I'm going to build a basic security measure into it - no semi-colons allowed so you can't tunnel other commands into it. I also strongly recommend the MonitorWang service account only has SELECT permissions on the tables/views required and a trusted db connection is used.

This health check means you will be able to very quickly set up database activity monitoring.


Silverlight Dashboard

Well this won't be in this release as it's a fair amount of work but I will be doing some work on it - just not shipping it. It will land as a separate component that you should be able to install along side MonitorWang and just drop the required components into your MonitorWang installation(s).

Planned feature set

Create a WebServer activity - this will serve any .html page you put in a folder of your choice. It will also have a built in .html page called Dashboard.html that will serve up the html that embeds the dashboard silverlight app.

Main Silverlight app just acts as a host container for usercontrols that render out the health check results. When this app starts MEF is used to pull down (your) xap files from a preset folder and then each one is responsible for pulling in its data and rendering it. The main app will look at how many user controls there are and rotate them appropriately (might use a rotator plugin to determine how the controls are rotated, how long, show only those with failures etc). This will allow you to write your own user control to render your custom health checks - so if you want to display your check data as a pie chart - go for it! I'll ship a few basic rendering plugins to display any type of check result so you can get up any running ASAP.


Thoughts, ideas, comments on what this should do or a killer feature you think is missing?

Sep 10, 2010 at 11:35 AM

Ok, got an alpha build of 1.0.3 with some refactoring to use common "scalar" health check base classes (shared across both sql & logparser scalar checks). Just need to do some testing and I'll hopefully ship it this weekend.

Oct 27, 2010 at 8:58 AM

Right - I've been a bit slack on the MonitorWang front - although I have been busy "thinking" about what is next.

I'll ship v1.0.3 with the SQL query check very shortly (after some more testing)

So what have I been "thinking" about - well the dashboard/display side of things. I've now got a much better idea of how the Silverlight dashboard will work - it helped that I've just completed my first commercial Silverlight application! However the real excitement was discovering a blog post about Geckoboard. MonitorWang v1.0.4 will have a REST/ATOM plugin that exposes the MonitorWang data stored in SQL. The REST interface will support various formats (XML/JSON) and also Geckoboard request/response natively - this means that if you have a Geckoboard set up you can add a custom widget/chart/etc and point it at MonitorWang and hey-presto - instant dashboard! I'll create a new "incubating" discussion on this data interface ASAP.

I'm still keen on delivering a Silverlight dashboard framework - it will a brilliant training/learning experience and I have a few surprises in store with it too.

Nov 7, 2010 at 4:18 PM

I was so keen to get cracking at a Geckoboard REST interface that I got stuck in and have a working data feed from MonitorWang. I'll ship this plus the new SQL check in the next version v1.0.3 - I have some "me time" coming up soon and expect this release to ship next weekend - it will be awesome to plug into Geckoboard and visualise your system health checks!

PS: Geckoboard is "beta, invite only" at the moment...apply now so you have Geckoboard access ready to go!