Release v1.0.6

Jan 3, 2011 at 10:52 PM
Edited Jan 6, 2011 at 8:42 AM

This lists potential features to be released in v1.0.6. Comments and suggestions welcome.

  • Windows Service HealthChecks. These should work against the local or a remote machine.
    • One to test a service is in a specific state (stopped, running etc). Optionally set the service back to this state - eg: you could use this to restart a service that had been stopped.
      • Update 5 Jan: Complete and in testing although ditched the auto-state-reset option mentioned above, I want to get the monitoring function out there ASAP as I can always enhance it later if there is any interest.
    • One to test a service startup type (disabled, manual, automatic).
      • Update 6 Jan: Complete and in testing.
  • Url ping - will return a "True" result if the url specified returned a Http 200 code. Other data returned is the response time (as milliseconds in the "ResultCount" property) and Http Code (useful if the ping failed).
    • Optionally set a threshold (in milliseconds) that if breached makes the test fail - eg: if the response is too slow then report this as a failure.
  • Enhance the built-in Growl Notification Finalisers to allow you to also set the message text in the finaliser configuration.
    • Update 5 Jan: Complete and tested, also allows you to set the "stickiness" of the notification