MonitorWang v1.0.4 (PowerWang)

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Released: Dec 8, 2010
Updated: Dec 9, 2010 by jimbobdog
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Release Notes

Breaking Changes/Updates


  • IPlugin now has a "Status" property - this holds the state of the plugin
    • HealthCheck plugins now have their Initialise() method called. If there is an exception it will be reported in the Status property and fed back via the "AgentStart" message - all plugins that fail to Initialise will be listed and they will also be disabled.
  • Tags property has been added to HealthCheck result - this allows you to associate any text you like with a result - this is stored in a new AgentData table column "Tags" and is directly searchable (rather than having to use xQuery/Like)
  • ResultCount data type changed from integer to decimals
    • ResultCount is now a double data type
  • The Magnum Pipeline component provides a lightweight Pub/Sub model and this has been adopted for Health Checks to publish their result data to the associated Publishers. This perfectly models how data is published inside MonitorWang and meant removal of slightly icky "Publish" event code previously used.



  • HealthCheck publishers can now have filters applied - a filter can block the publication of a result.
    • Filters can be global so all results are inspected or attached to individual publishers.
      • Generic Filters are supplied to allow you to filter based on Result (eg: do not publish if success/fail) or ResultCount value (eg: do not publish if less than/greater than value).
      • Custom filters can be written to suit your own specific logic/conditions - these are easily loaded into the system via configuration or automatically via assembly scanning at Agent startup; MonitorWang will scan all assemblies for components that implement IPublishingFilter, create an instance and load them into the Hub for you.
  • SQLite - this is now a supported publisher and the default database for MonitorWang.
  • Breaking! Minor namespace changes to existing SQL publisher to organise SqlServer and SQLite components better
    • All core database components are now in namespace "MonitorWang.Core.Database".
      • SqlServer components are in "MonitorWang.Core.Database.SqlServer"
      • SQLite components are in "MonitorWang.Core.Database.SQLite"
  • Breaking! Simplified SqlServer result publisher - removed "overwrite" ability - they just stream data into the database
    • SqlServer AgentData table - ResultCount datatype is now decimal(20,4)
  • Both the SQLite and SqlServer "AgentData" tables are now automatically created when MonitorWang starts if have enabled the associated Publisher.

Geckoboard Data Services

  • Breaking! Changed WCF REST uri base address - was 'MonitorWangData', new address is 'GeckoboardData'.
  • Added querystring param to all REST calls - "dp" allows you to specify the number of decimal places to display the data for. This allows you to display decimal data in your widgets.
  • Added new querystring params to Linegraph call to control what data is displayed
    • limit restricts the results to the last n records
    • sample is the frequency within the data that a record is selected for the graph.
    • tag is a tag that exactly matches the Tag property set on a HealthCheck result
    • scaleup, scaledown - these modify the value. scaledown will divide the value by the scale you supply and scaleup will do the reverse.
    • scaley "true" or "false" to apply scale to the y axis labels
    • scaleydp sets the dp on the y axis labels
    • Example: you monitor a value once a minute. You could either display the last 300 records OR to display the graph for the last 24 hours set limit=1440 (number of minutes in a day) and sample=10 to select every tenth reading. You can also omit the sample parameter to have MonitorWang calculate this to return the maximum number of readings possible.

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