MonitorWang v1.0.5 (Growler)

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Released: Dec 28, 2010
Updated: Dec 28, 2010 by jimbobdog
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Release Notes

What's new?

  • Added Growl Notification Finalisers - these are interceptor components that work exclusively with the Growl Publisher. These allow you to modify the Growl Notification just prior to it being sent by the publisher. You can inject custom logic to precisely control how the Growl Notification will appear; this includes changing the Growl Priority level and message text.
    • I've created to two Growl Notification Finalisers - one allows you to change the Growl Notification Priorty based on the HealthCheck Result (true/false) and the other allows you to alter the Priority based on the HealthCheck Result ResultCount property value.
      • These Finalisers can be attached to a specific Check or all Checks.
      • You can add as many Finalisers (they form a chain) to a Check as you like (order is not defined though; possible to fix this in a later release)
  • TypeDiscovery component is responsible for finding interface implementations throughout MonitorWang - it did this by scanning ALL .dll and .exe files in the bin folder. There is now a configuration for the TypeDiscovery component found in the role.castle.config file. Use this configuration to exclude specific .dll's or .exe files from being scanned (non .Net dll's for instance). I've already added some entries to the exclusion list to A) demonstrate how this is used and B) because they genuinely should be excluded from being scanned for MonitorWang types.
  • Fixed school boy attempt at using Castle Interception for Publisher Filters - fixed and working correctly now.
    • If you are using Publisher Filters in v1.0.4 and expect them to work then please upgrade to this version to fix this.
    • Note - Castle Interceptors are registered in the container and then associated to the component they are intercepting by their concrete type. If you programatically register components with the container then do not register them against a "service" (interface), use their type as the "service".
  • Added a new page to the documentation - How To provides a guide to MonitorWang usage and configuration and should help answer any questions you might have.
  • Updated Castle/Windsor to the latest build (v2.5.2).
    • There are some interesting new features in Castle ("Installers") that I will investigate and hopefully leverage in future versions of MonitorWang (It should mean I can remove some redundant code as Castle now provides this functionality out of the box).

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