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This effectively provides a backlog of ideas for development. I'd love a "contrib" project to start to help build a rich library of plugins for HealthChecks, Publishers, Schedulers etc. If you use MonitorWang and fancy getting your hands dirty developing on it then drop me a line via the People page or the contact details on the main Documentation page.

Currently in Development

  • MongoDb Publisher & associated adapters
  • Upgrade Solution to Visual Studio 2010, .Net 4.0 (Done, watch out for an announcement v.shortly - everything is moving to a new codeplex project)
    • Upload project solution/source to Mercurial (currently in private Unfuddle SVN respository)
    • Project rename to make it more "corporate" friendly. Got some great feedback from users in the USA and whilst I knew that "wang" has a "meaning" over there I didn't think when I started the project that it would have that much traction/uptake so didn't think it a problem - it was a humourous name (based on Mitchell & Webbs "That's NumberWang" sketches) that now is actually blocking/holding up some serious use of the project. I have some suggestions and got some ideas of my own - if you have an idea for a new name for MonitorWang then please drop me a message or better yet tweet it with the #monitorwang tag. Here's a list of other well known product name/marketing blunders -


  • Status Dashboard to visualise your MonitorWang data - tracked in Incubating "Status Dashboard"
  • Escalation plugin - monitor for alerts and escalate to Level2 if they are not resolved within a specific time.
  • Configuration plugin - provides an Http API to allow you to reconfigure an agent. By providing an API any type of UI could be built as a configuration front end.
    • WPF configuration app built on the API - this will make setup much easier.
  • Additional publishers...
    • HipChat publisher - publish alerts to any Hipchat group/room
    • Twitter (Direct Message)
    • Oracle
    • SQL Compact
  • HealthChecks for CPU, Disk and Memory (requested by HRB, possible contrib project)
  • Create a "heartbeat" message from each MonitorWang instance - I think this could solve the "no news is good news?" problem that a non-running MonitorWang poses. Essentially an Activity that just pumps an "I'm alive" message out.

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